Medical consultation at Warsaw Genomics

Prior to genetic testing, medical consultation is recommended. During the meeting, the doctor will collect detailed information and explain the test procedure.

After the test, medical consultation will facilitate interpretation of the results and further decisions on the necessary medical steps.

We invite you to consultation with a clinical geneticist, endocrinologist and oncologist

Our doctors:
Urszula Ambroziak, MD, PhD
Piotr Iwanowski, MD, PhD
Katarzyna Jaskóła, MD, PhD
Michał Popow, MD, PhD
Paweł Szyld, MD, PhD
Prof. Krystian Jażdżewski, MD, PhD

Registration for medical consultation +48 22 554 08 23
Address: 00-359 Warszawa, ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 21
Entrance at the back of the building